• Straight Razors

    Traditional style straight razors for that extra close shave
  • Tactical Razors

    A razor as tough as the man using it.

    Made to last the rough and tumble of modern day life.

    You can drive a tank over them.
  • Kamisori

    Traditional Japanese razors used by the Samurai
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Welcome to DJ Razors

The Sunday morning shave ritual was a chance to reflect on the previous week and plan for the week coming up. Time to take stock. Time to breathe. The sharpness of the razor encourages you to focus on the moment. To live in the present. To celebrate being a man.

DJ Razors was started in 2014, in Canberra Australia, to make high quality straight razors for today's man. We researched traditional techniques and designs and reworked them with modern materials. We were sick of the increasing disposable nature of our lives and wanted things that were durable and lasting.

We love tradition, that's why we are about starting new ones.



We make quality hand made razors from high carbon steel that will last for years and years. Each razor is unique as they are hand ground and hand sharpened to be shave ready.

- Dean Jard, Founder -